Coastal Freediving Course at Mullion

Coastal Freediving Course at Mullion

Whether you are looking for a whole new way to view the Cornish coastline, or to improve your breathhold diving skills for spearfishing, snorkelling, surfing hold downs, underwater photography, or you just fancy life as a mermaid or manatee – Freedive Cornwall can help.

Freedive Cornwall courses show you how to stay longer underwater on one breath by working on your breath hold and technique. We’ll also make sure you can move gracefully and quietly underwater so you can get even closer to marine life.

Our most popular course is the one day Introduction to Coastal Freediving. This focuses on diving and breathing techniques, so you can extend your dives and explore further on a single breath in the sea. We’ll also help you with equalising your ears down to around ten metres and teach you the basics for safe diving in an open water, tidal, boat-ridden environment! We then use our amazing pontoon at SaltFree to grow your depth and competitive freediving.  We can also offer bespoke training to meet your needs or other courses from our main website in Cornwall if you can get a group together (up to four per course).

Things we can help with include:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
    Underwater Photographer

    Enhancing Coastal Freedive Skills for Photography

  • Extending your breath hold time safely
  • Duck dive technique
  • Finning efficiently and effectively to extend your dive and not scare the fish!
  • Equalising your ears so you can descend further
  • Equipment advice and weighting for freedive explorations
  • Buddying and safety technique
  • Weather, current, tide and other elements of choosing a dive site

With loads of hours under the Cornish coastal waters under our stretchy rubber weightbelts, the Freedive Cornwall team have a host of favourite sites to take you to – from secret seal caves, dramatic kelp forests, hidden and not-so-hidden shipwrecks and fish nurseries to rival the reefs of the Red Sea. Based near Falmouth, our dive sites include  Falmouth Bay, Porthkerris, Mullion Cove, Lamorna, Kynance, Prussia Cove and many more we’ll share with you when we meet you!  If you are already a qualified freediver and are looking for buddies to hook up for a dive in Cornwall, whether you live here or are visiting our lovely part of the world, do visit our Facebook page and ask if anyone is around to show you the sights!