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Instructors at SaltFree

SaltFree offer a range of internationally recognised freedive courses from beginner to instructor level.  All our courses are taught by fully qualified, insured and experienced instructors who are can help you develop your breathhold and dive skills, whatever level you are at. Many of our instructors are current or former Team GB athletes.

For all our courses you need to be at least 16 years old and able to swim at least 200m non stop.  You do not need to be superfit, but should be in reasonable health. Do ask if you have any concerns.

Courses are taught in small groups, usually around 4 students. We can also set up one-to-one or private courses – just ask.

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Our courses are:
PADI Freediver – for beginners who love the water
The most popular place to start, this is ideal for complete beginners and for those who have some diving and snorkelling experience but no freediving qualification. From Easter to October this course runs over a full weekend at Chepstow, with some online study to do at home before you come. In the winter we run a one day version covering the pool and theory – so you’re all set to get straight into the lake once things warm up.

PADI Advanced Freediver moving on down the rope, that bit deeper and longer!
The second step in the PADI range of Freediver courses, Advanced Freediver is suitable for anyone with an entry level freediving qualification (with any agency) who is looking to extend their dive times, distances and depths beyond those achieved at Beginner Level. Giving you the skills and knowledge to dive to 20m and beyond, the PADI Advanced Freediver course also helps you fine tune your technique in the pool and develop your safety diving and rescue skills to become a more reliable dive partner. From Easter to October this course runs over a full weekend at Chepstow, with some online study to do at home before you come.

PADI Master Freediver – for true mastery of if you’d like to teach!
Taught over two weekends in Chepstow, the Master Freediver course is a tailored program that takes you on from Advanced Freediver to help develop your skills to a high level, focussing on the areas you personally would like to work on.  You will learn new techniques such as mouthfill equalisation, advanced breathe up and relaxation techniques and FRC diving. Out of the water, we’ll cover the additional knowledge you need for deeper dives and support you in some research into a topic of your choice. As a PADI Master Freediver, you will be qualified to run meets at Saltfree so we’ll also make sure your safety skills are up to scratch and you know how to set up all the training equipment.

Introduction to Coastal Freediving/PADI Basic Freediver – for salty sea dogs who’d like to see (or spear!) more
This is a one day programme taught in Cornwall from Easter to October. The day focusses on the skills you’ll need to freedive safely around the coast, diving safely, quietly so you can get closer to fish life, extending your breath hold time and equalising comfortably to around 10m.  We begin with a short classroom and breathing techniques session, move on to the pool for breath hold and finning training and then, weather permitting, take you for some diving and exploring around one of our favourite local seaside haunts.

PADI Freedive Instructor – If you’d like a whole new life (or just a way to fund your addiction!)
If you are not yet a freedive instructor, the PADI Freedive Instructor course is a full on, four day, intensely developmental, some might say life changing experience. PADI Freedive Instructor status qualifies you to teach freediving all over the world, opening doors to a world of opportunities for travel to beautiful places and meet a ridiculous amount of interesting people.  It’s hard work, you’ll need energy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment but we have plenty of that to share.  After all kinds of teaching practice, time to develop and check your own skills are up to scratch, workshops on practical ideas to market, manage and safely run your courses, you’ll complete the Saltfree PADI Freedive Instructor course confident and ready to take on the challenge of teaching the sport you love.  If you’re based near us, we’ll also give you the chance to gain some teaching experience alongside our team. If not, we might be able to hook you up with friends elsewhere on the planet.

PADI Freedive Instructor Crossovers – if you are already a Freedive Instructor with another agency
Saltfree also offer crossover programmes for freedivers with other training agencies including AIDA, RAID, SSI, AA and CMAS who would like to teach the PADI Freediving courses, and for PADI Scuba Instructors who would like to become Freedive Instructors.  Complete the form on this page if you’re interested and we will let you know the full details.

Coastal Freediving Course at Mullion

Coastal Freediving Course at Mullion

AIDA Courses – for seriously competitive freedivers 
The AIDA Freedive Courses are aimed at freedivers who are keen to compete or develop their skills to the high level required to become an AIDA Freedive Instructor.  Saltfree offer the full range of AIDA Courses on demand, with a course running as soon as we have a group lined up.

Emergency First Response (EFR) – because saving lives is a good thing.
EFR Primary and Secondary Care is a one day first aid and CPR programme suitable for non-divers and divers.  You’ll learn to save a life. You have to have it to take PADI Master Freediver Course . You really should have it if you freedive at all. And once you’ve got it you should update it every two years.

We also offer EFR Instructor programmes for people who would like to teach First Aid, or need the qualification for the PADI Freedive Instructor Status.

If we don’t mention it here, it’s related to freediving and you’d like to learn it – do ask!  We have other courses we can run including Monofin Freediver, Safety Freediver, Competition Freediver and we know plenty of people who can help with specific areas of skill development.