Freediver with Tag

Freediver with Tag

AIDA Freedive Courses are recognised and devised by AIDA, the International Association for Development of AIDA. They focus predominantly on the skills needed for competitive freediving and were amongst the first freediving courses available. AIDA is the international governing body of freediving and mostly dedicates its efforts to developing competitive freediving and recognising World and National Records.

At Saltfree we are able to offer the full range of AIDA courses, if anyone would specifically prefer them to our scheduled PADI courses. The courses are:

AIDA 2 Star – Beginner – Intermediate Freedivers with no qualification yet (16m to 20m). This course takes one weekend and some home study.

AIDA 3 Star – Intermediate to Advanced Freedivers (24m to 30m). This course takes 2 weekends.

AIDA 4 Star – Advanced to Master Freedivers (32m to 40m).┬áThis course takes 2 weekends.

AIDA Instructor Courses – if you already have a Master Level qualification and would like to teach. This course takes around 9 days.

If you are interested in taking an AIDA Course, let us know and we will see what we can do.