Underwater Encounter

A seal joins us for a game

If you are already happy spearfishing, swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving and want to extend your enjoyment of the underwater world around our coast, this is the place to start.  Particular aimed at making sure you can dive safely, quietly and spend the maximum time underwater, this course is perfect for spearfishers, underwater photographers or anyone who would just like to be able to see more on a single breath.

Taking place over one day near Falmouth in Cornwall, the course includes:

Theory of freediving including  safety, equipment, equalisation of the ears and specialist knowledge for coastal freediving
Breathing and relaxation techniques for freediving
A pool session to work on extending your breath hold and developing your finning technique
A (weather-dependent) dive session from the beach to work on equalising your ears, effective duck dives, efficient finning technique to save oxygen and moving quietly amongst marine life, techniques to improve your safety as a diver and buddy procedures. We’ll also try and show you some marine life!

This course can result in an PADI Basic Freediver qualification if you wish.

The Intro to Coastal Freediving Course runs on request between April and October. The price is £175 per course. This includes entry fees, training material, certification fees and loan of all equipment EXCEPT a wetsuit which you will need to hire separately (we can advise). If you would like to take part in one of these courses, email us and let us know some weekend days that would suit you.

To enrol in the course you need to be at least 16 years old and able to swim at least 200m without stopping. You will also need to complete a PADI Freediver Medical Form which requires a doctor’s signature if you have any pertinent medical history (if not, you can sign it yourself).

Underwater Photographer

Enhancing Coastal Freedive Skills for Photography

To book, please email us with weekend dates that would work for you and download and check the AIDA Medical Statement. You can pay by Paypal using the links above the form, or by bank transfer  – we will send you the details when we get your form. A deposit of £50 secures your place with the balance due one month before your course.

If you have any other questions, please send us a mail.

Intro to Freediving