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The PADI Advanced Freediver Course is the second step in the PADI Programme of Freediving Training.  Suitable for anyone who has completed PADI Freediver, AIDA 2 Star, SSI Level 1 or another entry level qualification, it is the chance to take your skills above (or should that be “below”!) and beyond what you learn as a beginner.

PADI Advanced Freediver takes two days and runs over a weekend with a little bit of home study, conducted online before you join us, using PADI’s up-to-the-minute, easy to use and professionally produced training materials.

The course includes:

  • Online Study – Conducted at home using PADI’s professional online training materials and reviewed with us before you sit your short exam, the online study builds on the knowledge you developed in your entry level course covering: Competitive Freediving; Physiology of Deeper Diving; Advanced Equalisation Methods; Equipment for Advanced Freediving; Stretching, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques; Training Tables, Work Up Dives and Warm Up Techniques.
  • Pool Training – In the pool, we will help you grow your Static Apnea time and Dynamic Apnea distance by helping you perfect your technique, develop some skills you will use in the open water for your deeper dives and advance your rescue protocol.
  • Open Water Training – Over two dives in the lake from the Saltfree pontoon, we will work on your skills  in Free Immersion and Constant Weight Diving to help you extend your diving safely to 20m and beyond.  You will learn to use “the glide”, buddy reliably, streamline your body, fine tune your preparation and recovery, perfect your weighting and develop your rescue skills to ensure you are a reliable buddy as you and your partner gain the confidence and skills to take your dives deeper.

The price of the PADI Advanced Freediver Course is £345.  Our course prices include all entry fees, training materials, certification fees, and loan of all equipment EXCEPT a wetsuit which you will need to hire separately if you do not have a full wetsuit suitable for UK water (5ml or thicker). You can hire one by contacting NDAC to book it, or even better, find a local dive shop on and rent one locally (which means you can try it on).

After the course, you should have enough knowledge and experience to train in similar conditions to around 24m with a qualified buddy. You will of course be more than welcome at Saltfree meets to come and train in a more informal way and extend your performance. We host meets at least once a month, from March to October and sometimes even in the winter.

In 2017, the PADI Advanced Freediver Course will run at Saltfree, Chepstow in May, July and September.  We will set exact dates in early 2017. To book your place, please complete the Course Booking Form on this page and either use the Paypal links below to pay or choose the bank  transfer option on the form and we will send you our bank details. We only take a maximum of 4 students on each course so places do fill up early. Deposits are non-refundable as we incur costs with booking facilities and allocating online training materials.

If you have any questions, do drop us an email.

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