Sam Amps, PADI CD

Sam Amps, PADI CD

PADI Master Freediver

The top level of achievement within the PADI Freediver Programme, Master Freediver is your chance to benefit from some bespoke, tailored coaching that really suits your individual needs and requirements.  Taught over two weekends of intensive, small group coaching, we will help you develop all the skills and knowledge you need to take your freediving below 30m and, if you’re interested, develop the skills you need to run sessions and help teach other freedivers.

To enrol on the PADI Master Freediver course, you will need to have completed an intermediate qualification such as PADI Advanced Freediver, AIDA 3 Star Freediver or SSI Level 2 and hold a current First Aid and CPR qualification. We can help with that with one of our EFR Courses.

Although there is some formal teaching and knowledge development set out for this level, on your Master Freediver course, your instructor will focus on the areas you and your buddies want to develop, to help you progress towards your chosen goals.

At Saltfree we run the PADI Master Freediver over two weekends with a little bit of home study, conducted online before you join us, using PADI’s up-to-the-minute, easy to use and professionally produced training materials and a private research project you will agree in advance with your instructor.

The course includes:

  • Online Study – Conducted at home using PADI’s professional online training materials and reviewed with us before you sit your exam, the online study builds on the knowledge you have developed so far and includes: introduction to equalisation below residual volume (the “mouthfill” technique),  the impact of deeper dives on your physiology including nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness, equipment for deeper diving, diet and nutrition and advanced breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Master Freediver Assignment – This short assignment is chosen by you, agreed with your instructor and prepared with online/phone support from your instructor before you come to your course.  It is a chance to choose an area of freediving that interests you and conduct a longer piece of research, to share with your buddies on the course.  You could choose to present it as a live demonstration, a short teaching session, a written paper, a photo essay, a video or in another way you agree with your instructor.  Sample topics could include: Biography of a Freediving Pioneer, Practical Application of Yoga or Pranayama Techniques for Freediving, Design of a Freedive Platform, Fitness Regimes for Freedivers, Latest Developments in Freediving Physiology.
  • Pool Training – In the pool, we will help you grow your Static Apnea time and Dynamic Apnea distance by helping you design a training table for yourself, working on your stretching and predive warm up approach and fine tuning your skills in the pool. We will also make sure your rescue skills are thorough enough for you to be looking after larger groups of freedivers including removing freedivers from the water and providing emergency oxygen.
  • Open Water Training – Over at least 3 dives in the lake from the Saltfree pontoon, we will work on your skills in Free Immersion and Constant Weight Diving to help you extend your diving safely as you head down towards 30 and 40m. To achieve the course qualification, you will need to make it down to 27m. We will be looking to get you below 30m and closer to 40m if we can!

Whilst PADI Standards would allow us to run the PADI Master Freediver course over just 2 days, we’d like to be able to get to know you and your diving and give you plenty of time to develop and make use of the coaching we can provide, so we run the course over two weekends rather than just the one.  You should also take some time to train at Saltfree meets (or elsewhere) in the run up to your course, to help you grow your depth towards the maximum of 40m allowed on this course.  Our price for Master Freediver might therefore be a bit higher than it is with other schools and we charge £575 for the course.  If you’re in a hurry, already a competent deep diver and would like to do it quicker, do let us know.

As a PADI Master Freediver, you would be qualified to run training meets at Saltfree, enabling you to train with your buddies using our facilities. We’ll therefore make sure that during the course you are also fully competent at setting up and using our lines, counterweights, oxygen kit and fishfinder sonar and understand how to put together and watch over groups of qualified freedivers.  If you’re interested in teaching, we’ll also see if we can find any courses for you to assist on to get some experience.

In 2017, the PADI Master Freediver Course will run at Saltfree, Chepstow over two weekend in June/July and again in Sept/October.  We will set exact dates in early 2017. Please note that you need to attend both weekends to complete the course. To book your place,  please complete the Course Booking Form on the right hand side of this page and pay your deposit or full course fee. You can pay either using the Paypal link below or let us know on the Booking Form that you’d rather pay by bank transfer and we’ll send you the details.   Deposits are non-refundable as we incur costs with booking facilities and allocating online training materials.

If you have any questions, do drop us an email.

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